The Oxford Health Company is located in Oxfordshire, in the heart of the UK. We’ve been trading now for 5 years and are proud owners of the brand Oxford Vitality and Oxford Contract Manufacture.

Our facilities have recently been certified FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000) by SGS, a major business objective is to ensure that all operations concerning the sale & manufacture of its products conform to the standard so the certification can be maintained.

The Oxford Health Company is also certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation, likewise, the standard is followed closely for the products concerned.

Under our brand Oxford Vitality, we sell consumer ready food supplements. They are sold in the majority to the end consumers through online channels such as Amazon, e-Bay, our website and Tesco online.

The products we manufacture consist of a range of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbals and some other products that are all considered food supplements. We’re responsible for the whole production process, from sourcing quality ingredients from certified suppliers around the globe to the careful and precise manufacture process, right through to dispatch and the customer service experience. We believe that because we’re in control of every aspect of our business process, we’re able to provide products and services that are far superior to our competitors.

Under the brand Oxford Contract Manufacturing, and occasionally The Oxford Health Company Ltd, we’re able to fulfil the following products and services:

  • Formulation services, where a customer has a formula or an idea of a formula and we make a legal formulation that attempts the efficacy or purpose intended.
  • Bulk Loose Tablets, of our stock items.
  • Oxford Vitality branded products.
  • Powder blending and packing.
  • Tablet Manufacture from pre-determined formulations.
  • Artwork and label creation services.
  • Description and marketing material creation services.
  • Order fulfilment services.
  • White label service where we package our stock item tablets in our packet with their label design.
  • Contract packing of dietary supplements into sensible packaging options such as plastic /glass tubs, post bottles, or stand-up pouches.
  • Offering nutritional advice to customers and staff. We have 2 in-house full-time employee’s that are qualified Nutritionists who are registered with the Association of Nutrition.